Probiotic Gut Health Organic Tea *NATUROPATH ENDORSED*


Probiotic tea's base ingredient is aged and fermented living tea (Puerh) which is an important part of any gut health tea blend. We use ripe Puerh tea in our blend. Puerh tea is processed without oxidisation in a similar way to green tea. The fermented tea is earthy, woody, musty in aroma and rich and smooth in taste.

Each ingredient is handpicked for its gut protective action; chocolatey Cocoa Shell for a strong source of dietary fibre, zesty Orange Peel to help prevent constipation, sweet Apple Pieces for soluble fibres that may assist in slowing digestion, and the magic touch of Rose Petals. The latter aids digestion too and is a key to maintaining a healthy weight. It may even prevent Urinary Tract Infections while detoxing the body and acting as a natural probiotic.

This deliciously fruity infusion is packed with antioxidants - the perfect way to start (or end) your day as it is also caffeine free.

*Naturopath Endorsed

Blend Ripe Pu-erh, Cocoa Shell, Orange Peel, Apple Pieces, and Rose Petals.
Organic Status Certified Organic
Country of Origin Multiple Origins

Brew 1-2 teaspoons per cup in a tea infuser for 2-5 minutes (in freshly boiled water, 100ºc) the longer steep will bring out more of the gentle flavours.